Top of the Catholic world is established to honor the organization, Catholic leader, and all Catholics who do a good deed,which led to a huge impact on the world.

We start from Catholic and will expand to other religions because Catholic is considered as one of the largest religions in the world, with core teaching to love unconditionally, spread kindness, and live by these values irrespective of their faith or beliefs, which ultimately promote peace and happiness among global citizen. Therefore, we collect and carefully select the story of the great leaders, organizations, and all the important historic information and present them in the most honorable ways, Mount Everest.  

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world,which represents the highest point on the earth. Through the story of great leaders, we get a birds-eye view of the historical moment that led to a huge impact on the world. Exploring history and faiths enables us to promote greater understanding amongst our future citizens, so that they may enjoy a more tolerant and respectful society. In turn, this provides the foundations for the children’s personal and spiritual growth throughout their lives.


Learn more about catholic in 9 difference areas; God and Jesus, seven sacraments, saint, pope, cardinal, church, country, heaven, worship and prayer.  This website also provide information regarding the activity of the Pope, the Holy See, the local Churches, as well as giving space to world news. We seek to provide information about catholic to bring the hope of faith into all the world.

Media & News

A pastor finds joy through birdwatching

I've worked in ordained ministry for more than 11 years and being still is often the last thing I want to do.

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Canadian ask POPE to walk with them

Canadian Indigenous give pope moccasins, ask him to walk with them

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Pope to canonize three more saints on May 15

A Dutch priest and two nuns from France and Italy are among ten new saints.

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Top Attractions in Vatican City

Whatever your personal beliefs, Vatican City has enough to keep you rapt for days on end.

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