1. VVIP membership is limited to 10,000 members.

2. Membership at the VVIP level will be granted access to sell 500 free VIP membership ownership at the price of 5,000 THB. The fund raised through VIP membership will be given to church/person at your choice.

3. Both VVIP and VIP memberships will be given the link to download the original image as a digital file with high resolution (300ppi)

4. Both VVIP and VIP membership will be granted access to the Top of the Catholic World, which contain the following information:

Background of the 7 sacramental rituals
- Background of 98 saints
- Background of 266 Popes from A.D. 33 - 2022
- Background of 100 Cardinals
- Background of 86 important cathedrals
- Background of countries with largest Christian/Catholic populations

5. (TBA) Metaverse, or Virtual site tour, where membership can explore the world of Catholic through metaverse experience.

6. Metaverse would be associated with major churches, therefore, membership could not only visit all affiliate cathedrals around the globe but also could do the confession, or attend the ceremony through the Metaverse.

7. Strong community; Achat society, or Facebook group, as a social platform that allows users to express, discuss and spread the kind words and encouragement to each other.


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